Knowledge Management: Improving Everyone’s Lives

Knowledge Management is very useful in most organizations that offer public service. I am working in a government agency and I think that improvement in the system through Knowledge Management will benefit both the organization and the public. Human Resource Management could use Knowledge Management in enriching the working lives of people. For me it… Continue reading Knowledge Management: Improving Everyone’s Lives


For me, balance is the key in handling employees. A reward program may look like the better choice but then employees also need punishment once in a while.

Learning and applying the latest business intelligence inside the organization is something that can’t be done in a short period of time. A company may hire and have the best employees but then each has their own strength and weaknesses. First and foremost, not everyone is technology savvy. The older people – no offense, have slower pick-up when it comes to the internet. But then the older workers are a lot more organized and attentive to details, and mind you – fiercely loyal. During this transition stage, the reward system is a lot more appropriate. It can encourage the employees to study hard the new system. Pay-raises maybe a little bit too much for small organizations. I think giving incentives would be enough for those who are a lot more productive using the company’s business intelligence.


Since pay raise is the easiest incentive for employees to perform better while using BI applications, it has become so commonplace that most companies employ this method to boost their employees’ motivation. However, pay raise isn’t the only method that would work wonders on your employees’ motivation and eagerness. One would be on the spot award like praises and such. Not only would it increase the certain individual’s motivation, it only motivates others to do better to receive the same praises and awards. A single word of praise from a superior has a huge impact on their workers’ motivation as it spurs them to do better and achieve good results. The same goes for recognition. These methods show appreciation and boost the confidence and pride of employees in regards to their work. Also, it is much more efficient for small scale businesses and saves a lot of money. The only downside to these methods would be the workers’ attitude and personalities.


The punitive program can be appropriate after the probation term. This means that the company has already given its employees ample time to learn and apply the new system. As an employee, this for me is the best way to motivate workers. If they are given enough to learn the ropes and adjust to the new system, they become more productive and committed to work. Also, it is best suited to be used in tandem with on spot awards and recognition methods. As the tandem of these methods allow one to match with the workers’ personalities and attitudes, one can assure that the workers’ motivation and productivity reaches its highest peak without incurring additional expenses for the business or company. This will work for me and I think for others too.




In my world, online shopping isn’t as cool as what the netizens claims it to be. Though I find it convenient most of the time, there are just things I need to buy in a physical store.

You wouldn’t need to shower when you go online shopping. Well technically, you also don’t need to when you go shopping in stores… but that’s just gross. Online shops have better prices too and you can easily compare them. While actual shopping would require you hopping from one store to another to find the best price. However, there are certain instances where online shopping is less convenient than going to the mall or store. First would be technical issues. There are times when electricity is out or the internet is malfunctioning or the device you are using is the one having malfunctions, etc. In such cases, you can’t shop online. The only recourse would be to make a run for the store and purchase it. Second would be time issues. There are times when the deliveries experience unexpected delays such as traffic, road maintenance and availability of transportation. Even with careful planning and scheduling, when deliveries get delayed, surprises like birthdays get ruined and it’s the sort of thing we all would want to avoid. Last but not the least is the availability of items. There are times when you can see that there are still available stocks of an item but when you click it, it turns out that you were just a second late from purchasing the last remaining stock because someone beat you to it and that is really frustrating, causing you to search a replacement if would suit you, which oftentimes, would not be sufficient enough. No matter how rare, these factors are major issues that hinder the convenience of online shopping.

Let’s just be honest, internet has taken over. So no matter how hard I’d deny it, I’d still buy online. Three things I wouldn’t hesitate buying online: gadgets, books, and accessories like watches and necklaces.

Most of the time, these are sold online for cheaper prices and they’re all just the same wherever you are. These items may also have warranty policies, especially gadgets like gaming consoles and mobile phones. That would be a really good deal to have. Books are easier to acquire and there’s not much to be worried about that maybe, except for the quantity of available stocks. Even if you can buy electronic books, nothing beats having a hard bound copy of a limited edition bestseller together with the autograph of the author in its front page.

I’ve seen some people buying and selling clothes online – which I’d like to try too, though I’d have to specify the size. I’d rather buy shoes personally but then there are just lots of varieties online. Same goes with exotic pets like spiders and snakes. Buying these things online doesn’t guarantee quality and authenticity, and in the case of exotic pets, health condition, which would need the opinion and expertise of a certified veterinarian. So if I’ll ever buy any of these on the internet, I’d triple check the seller first, read feedbacks and comments about him. Who knows where his products came from? Better be safe than sorry.

I’ll never ever buy food online. I am not sure how they are made nor what ingredients they contain. Medical supplements aren’t supposed to be bought online too. They’ll probably be swapped with knockoffs.  If you value your health, then you probably shouldn’t try to buy those. Better consult with your physician or a doctor for such needs for they have knowledge which medicine and supplements are certified by government agencies concerned with such products. And last but definitely not the least, toiletries – obviously. After all, personal hygiene is a very essential step to good health.

The sum it up, online shopping has its ups and downs. We should just be mindful of what we buy, when we buy it and who we buy it from, and we can be safe and sound beyond the screens of our mobile phones, gadgets and personal computers. Just remember, online shopping can easily be your best friend or your worst enemy. As long you take caution, you can take advantage of online shopping whenever you please.



Wireless Network Technologies has introduced a lot of opportunities to organizations and businesses. And as a government employee, I think that these opportunities have presented ways for the system to be better. The advanced devices itself has proven to be of great help not only in my personal life but in my work as well. I think if my organization invested more in wireless devices, productivity can be enhanced through mobility. Wireless networks can also increase customer satisfaction by a queuing system to lessen traffic and to ease the flow of operations such as registrations, collections and filing. It can provide a faster lane for individuals who also have access to wireless networks, making filing of tax returns online easier, faster. It rids of the long lines of cables and wires, and cuts costs for the installation thus making it convenient and cheap, not to mention the flow of communications through the use of email, Microsoft outlook and the like instead of snail mail. The dissemination of information through a website where all forms, kinds of taxes, computations are available.

Both the network operator and the user should be responsible enough to ensure that the usage of wireless networks is safe and remains safe. Here are some guidelines and standards to guarantee safety in wireless network usage:

  • High-security privacy 12721596_10208741357001100_1251386220_n

Privacy is something many people value especially nowadays. So if the network provider can assure this, it would be better. The use of passwords is the most common, followed by keycards and biometrics for the more technologically advanced companies.


  • Exclusivity to the organization and guests12722040_10208741356721093_995543026_n (1)

To increase productivity, the network should only cater to the employees and clients and prevent third parties from gaining access to the network. This is easily achieved by limiting the access of the network within the building.


  • Work-related restrictions12696253_10208741356441086_1580711300_n


Not only that this increases productivity, it also ensures that the user’s personal matters are separated and safe, and prevent hindrances to work related matters by blocking the use of social media and unnecessary applications that can affect the employees’ focus to avoid procrastination.



From smoke signals, Morse codes, and shortwave radios to cellphones, satellite communications and internet, wireless communications put the world into the fast-paced track where operations and data are handled more smoothly and efficiently.